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Project 3

Project 3: In-vitro and In-vivo pharmaco-kinetic Study of the Aerosolized Nano Delivery System

The aerosolized nano-delivery system could serve as effective diagnostic and therapuetic tools for different lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (OCPD) and lung cancer. Early detection and effective treatment of lung diseases and improvement of sensitivity and specificity of the diagnosis is the ultimate goal. A precise targeting and drug loading mechanism can also be achieved through inhalation of nano aerosols which will promote rapid systemic absorption and quick onset of drug action.

Followed the computational design and synthesis of aerosolized nano-delivery system, this project aims to study the toxicity, biocompatibility, stability and pharmacokinetic of this novel system. The study will be divided into in-vitro and in-vivo approach. In-vitro methods include cytoxicity test using proliferation assay, biocompatibilty and stability tests. The toxicity of the developed system will be assessed on normal cells as well as cancerous cells. Subsequently in-vivo toxicity tests on animal will be carried out according to the OECD 407/408 guidelines as a regulatory requirement to establish safety of drugs intended for human consumption. In-vivo animal imaging will be the final challenge in the overall project. Animal models such as rats and rabbits will be used to evaluate the pharmacokinetic of the aerosolized nano-delivery system. .


Prof. Dr. Habibah Abd. Wahab
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Science Malaya (USM),


  • To investigate the toxicity, biocompatibility and stability of the aerosolized nano-delivery system through in-vitro testing.
  • To perform in-vivo animal toxicity testing according to OECD 407/408 guidelines.
  • To study the pharmacokinetics of the aerosolized nano-delivery system in-vivo using animal models.
  • To investigate the feasibility of the aerosolized nano-delivery system for diagnosis and therapy of multiple smoking-related and environmental lung diseases in human.
  • To explore the theranostics (therapy + diagnostic) applications of the aerosolized nano drug delivery system. 

Expected Outcome

  • Aerosolized nano drug delivery system with low systemic toxicity, good targeted specificity, rapid onset of action and appropriate clearance times is developed.
  • Early detection of multiple smoking-related and environmental lung diseases using commercial MRI scanner and the novel aerosolized nanomagnetosol.
  • Effective treatment of smoking-related or environmental lung diseases using the aerosolized nano drug delivery system


Dr. Rozana Othman
University of Malaya
  Prof. Nagarjun Konduru
Harvard University
  Dr Vickneswaran AL Murugaiah
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Dr Ezatul Ezleen Kamarulzaman
Universiti Sains Malaysia
  Assoc. Prof. Dr Fabio Sonvico
Universiti degli studi de Parma, Italy
  Dr. Yeong Chai Hong
Universiti Malaya









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