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Project 3: Direct synthesis of large area graphene for NEMS applications

Recent advances in the growth techniques of graphene are expected to enable commercial viability of large-area graphene films. Graphene possesses a combination of properties that make it extremely well suited for use in nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS). Its exceptional mechanical properties include high stiffness and low mass, which lead to high resonant frequencies; and ultrahigh strength, which allows for strain tuning of frequency over a wide range. Its optical properties and high electronic mobility enable robust optical and electrical transduction, while its chemical inertness enables atomically thin devices. 

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method is the most promising way to produce large-area graphene at low-cost. The objective of this research is to grow large area graphene at lower temperature in the range of 300-600 °C by employing plasma-assisted CVD method. We planned to use an etched substrate surface that could substitute the role of catalyst as nucleation sites for the formation of graphene monolayer. The template roughness should be in the order of few nanometer to attract free carbons nucleation. Plasma reactor will assist in cracking the hydrocarbons and transform them into radicals and free carbons.


Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Hanafi Bin Ani   
Department Of Manufacturing & Materials Engineering,
Kulliyyah of Engineering,
International Islamic University Malaysia


Materials Science

The interplay between plasma and thermal CVD is expected to significantly reduce the temperature needed for the formation of graphene. This lower growth temperature will enable the use of wide range of substrates such as plastics, glass and Silicon. The outcome of this research will provide fundamental insights on the mechanism and feasibility formation of large area graphene monolayer that can be directly grown from etched substrates which later can be integrated onto devices.


  • To identify appropriate thermal energy and plasma power for the growth of large area graphene in a newly designed plasma-assisted CVD reactor. 
  • To propose and understand the growth mechanism of a large area graphene by plasma assisted CVD method.
  • To integrate the large area graphene into NEMS devices.

Expected Outcome

  • Growing technique of large area graphene and its nano device fabrication for application in NEMS systems and devices
  • Mass sensor, RF signal processing, NEMS resonators.


Prof Dr Iskandar Idris Yaacob 
Department of Manufacturing and Materials
Kulliyyah of Engineering, UIA
 Dr Mohd Asyadi‘Azam Mohd Abid
Faculty of Manufacturing, UTeM

Dr Mohd Ambri Mohamed  



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