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Wellness, Medical & Healthcare

Food & Agriculture

Electronics, Devices & Systems


  1. Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells for Power Industry
  2. Flexible Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs): Printed solar Cells for Renewable Energy
  3. Second generation catalytic pyrolysis of palm oil EFB biomass to jet fuel
  1. Pulmonary nanocarrier design and delivery of cisplatin and siRNA for lung cancer treatment
  2. Synthesis of Aerosolized Nano Delivery System
  3. In-vitro and In-vivo pharmaco-kinetic Study of the Aerosolized Nano Delivery System
  4. Consequences of Smoking among the Malaysian Population
  1. Controlled release formulation based on graphene  for NDS in controlling GB related disease in oil palm
  2. Nanosensor for early detection of GB and soil quality
  3. Application of the NDS and nano sensor in smart farming for actual detection and control of GB
  4. Nanofabrication of devices for nanosensing and control of GB 
  1. High capacitance vertical aligned graphene inter-digital supercapacitor for powering implanted biomedical devices
  2. Graphene membrane for ultra-sensitive NEMS pressure sensor and nanophone
  3. Graphene-based photonic crystal biosensor for pathogen detection
  4. Efficient and bright light-emitting diodes on single-layer graphene electrodes
  1. Novel Polymeric Photoactivated Nanomaterials for CO2 Photoreduction with CH4 to Renewable Hydrocarbon Fuels
  2. Syngas production via CO2 reforming of methane using nanocatalysts
  3. Chemical conversion of CO2 to value added products over nanomaterials 



Research Program Supervision

  • Top-down long term collaborative strategic research programmes
  • Supervision and training of postdocs
  • Exchange of research fellows e.g. as adjunct professors

Mentoring and R&D

  • Training of young scientists
  • Sharing of world-class R&D facilities
  • Sharing of IPR

STEM Education and Enculturation

  • Promotion of STEM education and emerging science


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